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Dietetic Technician
Dietetic technicians work under the supervision of dietitians and assist in planning menus, and educating individuals on proper nutrition.

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Work Activities/Environment
Dietetic technicians work in health care settings such as hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, health maintenance organizations (HMO's), government departments, home health care agencies and public health organizations. They work under the supervision of clinical dietitians and assist in planning and creating menus, and identifying nutritional requirements, based on an individual's dietary needs and restrictions. They also may provide education on proper nutrition. Dietetic technicians work in various settings which may include cafeterias or kitchens. They also may be on their feet often during a regular work day. They may work part-time or full-time, although most work about 40 hours a week. Some dietetic technicians may be required to work weekends and holidays.

Academic/Special Requirements
High school students should study home economics, health, biology, chemistry and mathematics. An associate degree from a dietetic technician program is required. Course work may include nutrition, chemistry, biology, business, mathematics, statistics, computer science, psychology, sociology, and economics.

Educational Institutions
Lakeshore Technical College
Milwaukee Area Technical College

Average $24,200

Professional Organizations
Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
120 South Riverside Plaza, Suite 2000
Chicago, IL, 60606-6995
312/899-0040 or 800/877-1600

Wisconsin Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
563 Carter Court, Suite B
Kimberly, WI, 54136
920/560-5619 or 888/232-8631

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