Clinical/Medical Laboratory Technician (CLT/MLT)

Work Activities/Work Locations

  • This is an entry level Associate Degree laboratory career.
  • Sometimes known as laboratory assistants or medical technicians.
  • Duties performed under direction of a Medical Laboratory Scientist (MLS)/ Medical Technologist(CT/MT).
  • Members of the healthcare team who perform tests on tissue, blood and body fluids to help diagnose diseases.
  • Typical duties may also include collecting blood specimens, monitoring quality of tests, and information processing.
  • Work at hospital laboratories, medical research facilities, pharmaceutical companies, universities, or physician clinic labs. Some may choose to work for veterinary laboratories, industrial labs, insurance companies, environmental labs, or public health.
  • Potential occupations include: Clinical Laboratory Technician, Forensic Lab Technician, Physician Office Lab Technician, Pathology Research Assistant, Quality Control Technician, and Phlebotomist.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Medical laboratory technicians enjoy working with patients. They also like being part of a medical team.
  • Should possess a strong attention to detail and analytical skills.

Getting Started

Career Outlook