Health Science Librarian (HSL)

Work Activities/Work Locations

  • Health Science Librarians or Medical Librarians provide health information about new medical treatments, clinical trials, standard trial procedures, and tests to physicians, other health professionals, consumers, patients, and corporations.
  • Work in hospitals; medical centers; colleges and universities; research centers and foundations; industry (biotechnology, insurance, medical equipment, pharmaceutical, publishing); corporations; public libraries; and Internet companies.
  • Responsible for a variety of duties: manage library and library staff; retrieve requested print and electronic resources; purchase books, magazines, and electronic resources; provide access and evaluate materials; design, develop, and maintain web sites; and teach others how to find and use the resources available in the library.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Contact with physicians, pharmacists, other health professionals, patients, consumers, administrators, researchers, programmers and information technology specialists is likely.
  • Variety of settings to work is available.


Getting Started

Career Outlook