Histotechnologist (HTL)

Work Activities/Work Locations

  • Histotechnologists are also known as tissue technologists. They prepare microscopic slides from tissue samples for examination by pathologists and scientists.
  • Histotechnologists (Bachelor’s Degree) perform more specialized procedures than Histotechnicians (Associate Degree) and also serve as supervisors.
  • Their duties may include preparing slides using computerized laboratory equipment to preserve tissue samples for study, identify tissue types for orientation during embedding and cutting, performing special stain procedures and doing frozen sections on fresh tissues for rapid diagnosis. They are also responsible for quality control of testing procedures and examining slides to ensure that the preservation or preparation of the tissue was performed properly.
  • Most Histotechnologists work in the pathology laboratories at hospitals, clinics, or medical and research laboratories.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Histotechnologists enjoy performing essential medical procedures that enable physicians to save lives.
  • Tasks require patience, fine motor skills and the ability to work quickly but carefully in individual or group settings.
  • Some would like more interaction with patients.
  • Admission to training programs is limited.


Getting Started

Career Outlook