Home Health Aide

Home health aides, or home attendants, assist in the personal and daily care for elderly, handicapped, or recuperating patients in their homes.

Work Activities/Work Locations

Home health aides work in private homes and are usually employed by hospitals, home health care agencies, visiting nurse associations, public health departments and volunteer agencies. They assist patients with daily activities such as getting in and out of bed, going out of the house, dressing, bathing, eating, shopping, and cleaning. Home health aides also provide companionship to patients by talking to them, reading, or just playing games. Performing miscellaneous duties for patients is an ongoing part of a home health aide’s job. Home health aides are supervised by a registered nurse, physical therapist or other health professional.

A related occupation is a Home Care Aide – someone who takes care of cooking, cleaning and other jobs around the home – usually for an elderly person.

Getting Started

Career Outlook

Number Employed in 2012 (Wisconsin): 9,650
Number Employed in 2014 (U.S.): 913,500
Expected Employment in 2024 (U.S.): 1,261,900
Percent Employment Growth (2014-2024): 38%
Expected Annual Openings: 55,480
Median Salary in 2014 (Wisconsin): $22,787

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